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Artist Tomo Mori


Tomo Mori was born in the countryside of Osaka, Japan. She studied fundamental drawing and painting intensively at Tokyo Metropolitan High School for Music and Fine Art. In 1991, she entered the Atlanta College of Art to pursue studying contemporary art in the U. S. However  she took a career path in journalism and digital media field. During this time she continued to paint and produced small collection of work, hoping one day she will go back to art full time.

In 2010, Tomo made the big decision to return to fine art as her full time focus. Since then she has been working almost exclusively in a meticulous, hands-on process of canvas-on-canvas collage. Her work has been exhibited in New York, Atlanta and Tokyo, including Rogue Space Chelsea, Chashama, Dwyer Center, Canvas Paper Stone Gallery, Renaissance Fine Art, Knox Gallery, Bill Lowe Gallery and Tokyo Metropolitan Museum. She received the congressional record for her winning painting for Bid on Culture banner design contest for 2011 and 2012. In 2011, she was selected as a semi finalist to present a proposal for MTA Art in Transit.

Tomo currently lives in West Harlem, NYC as her creative base, as she continues to explore the world from Bamako to Hanoi. She believes experiencing new culture adds more colors to her palette and her life.