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Thomas Callahan and Horse Cycles — Design



Thomas Callahan started Horse Cycles—a custom-made bike shop—because he was obsessed. Callahan tells us, “When I started making the bikes, I just had no control over it. I was so excited. I couldn’t sleep at night.” Callahan, who has a background in fine arts, started handcrafting bikes at a time when his career as an artist was leaving him unfulfilled. “I needed something where I could make a connection with other people. It’s like playing music by yourself or playing with a group of people, it’s all just multiplied when you have positive relationships and are interacting with the whole community.”


Furniture maker Rex Kalehoff

landscape table

Rex Kalehoff  is a maker of unique sculptural, utilitarian, and decorative works of art.

With extensive international experience as an artist, educator, and modern-day explorer, Kalehoff’s work is inspired by first-hand observations and driven by both deep conceptual input and highly refined technical applications.

elephant seat